Welcome to Fantrie.

Fantrie is a platform service that connects celebrities and fans through communication. 

Fans can join Celebrities' membership to help them make contents and get some rewards. Only the members are given the privilege of communicating with their celebrities.

Although we are currently improving our service, there may be some inconvenience in our service as we are in the early stages. Please We ask for your generous understanding.

We are waiting for your suggestion for service improvement. Fantrie has a lot of know-how in service development and operation, but we think the only one sure way to improve our service is the voice of Fantrie users. If you feel uncomfortable or have a slightly different user experience as compared other sites, please do not hesitate to send mail to contact@fantrie.com or leave a message in the "service proposal" section of the forum, then we will refer to it. We want to be a service that grows with users.

Thank you.

Team Fantrie