You must create an account to join Fantrie service. You can create it using your email or google account.

1. When you create your Fantrie account using your email address, we will send you an authentication link to your email mailbox for secure service. If you can not receive the authentication mail, please check your email status or check your spam mailbox.


If you click authentication link, the account will be activation immediately, you can using Fantrie Service   

If you don't get any emails for more than 10 minutes?

  a) Check the spam box in your mail.

  b) Make sure your mail account status is not inactive.

  c) Add [ ] to your address book and retry account authentication


 If you still haven't received the verification mail, please send mail to  We'll take care of it as soon as possible.

2. In case of Google Account sign up, authorization is progressed by Google login, so there is no need for an extra authentication process.

3. The email address which is already registered, you cannot subscribe in duplicate. Please use [Find Password].