Fantrie complies with the Korean e-commerce law. '

The contents of Fantrie is digital contents. Because of the character of the product, the value of the product decreases significantly if you consume content after purchasing, so it is impossible to withdraw your subscription.  This is stipulated in the 'Online Digital Content Industry Development Act' and the Digital Content User Protection Guidelines'.

Recurring Payments Refund Policy

In order to limit the right to withdraw subscription, Fantrie shows in the indication that the service cannot be withdrawn under the same Act, and provides customers with contents products at the same time as payment is completed. 

Refund for recurring payments is as follows:

  1. Reason attributable to the company - In case the service was not provided for more than 12 hours in a row due to neglect or lack of maintenance capability despite technical problems such as server down;

  2. If the customer is blocked by celebrities - if the customer is blocked from accessing their contents, the remaining period will be calculated and refunded in days

Tries Refund Policy

You can withdraw your settlement within 7 days for unused/ungift Tries. 

In the case of payment withdrawal, it is possible only when it matches the number of Tries paid for the first time.

eg) 1,000 Tries withdrawal request only can be granted when you purchase 1,000 Tries.

If you request to  withdraw your purchase, you will be refunded 100% by the same payment method. 

If it does not match the amount of Tries you paid for the first time, or if you withdraw your Tries purchase after 7 days, it will be partially canceled after deducting 10% of the fee to prevent fraudulent payment and cashing.

If you want to withdraw you purchase or partially refund, please send an email to and we will process it sequentially.

If you repeatedly request a refund without a justifiable reason, or if you suspect that you have requested a refund for an illegal or malicious purpose, the refund may proceed after some verifying steps.