The cog icon in the side menu is a personal setting menu.

You can make two settings in the setting menu. You can also view alerts in there.

  • Profile Settings
  • Account Settings  
  • Payment method management
  • Change password
  • Membership Management (Celeb Account Only) 
  • Acknowledge notification

Profile Setting

  • Profile settings allow you to replace the profile image and cover image on My Page.
  • You can change the user ID. (Allow characters: English case, number, underbar, period)
  • You can change the nickname. (15 characters maximum)
  • You can modify the self-introduction. (Maximum 500 characters)
  • You can add location, website URL.
  • You can select the date of birth and gender (public/private)

Account Setting

  • You can authenticate your identification for buyer protection. It stored encrypted on the server, so nobody knows the information even the operators.
  • You can apply for a celebrity account. After KYC authentication, the Apply for Celeb Account button is activated.  

  • You can choose whether to disclose your real name.

  • Email is used as an ID within Fantrie service and it cannot be modified.

  • You can enter an Social media account. At least one must be entered when applying for a celebrity account.

  • You can check the details of the celebrity application.

Payment Method Management

  • Enter the payment card information in the pop-up that appears by clicking [Add Payment Method] in the bottom right corner.
  • If multiple cards have been registered, the default payment card will be shown with the Default Mark.      
  • If multiple cards have been registered, to change the default registered card, change the default payment card by pressing the button behind the newly registered card information.
  • If a customer registers a card in the Fantrie, we will not be able to store card information on our server under applicable laws. Instead, the billing key is issued through the REST API from the payment agency and charged to the credit card company every time. It makes satisfy both convenience and security. 

Change Password

  • You can change the password for your account. (Note: Password Policy)
  • If you Sign in Google account, you can reset your password on the Sign in page.